Hotel Campanario is located in the heart of the Santa Ana of the four rivers of Cuenca, and its colonial architecture dates 1984. Today its modern accommodations provide a unique experience to our guests. Within a warm and embracing space, we offer a familiar environment for our visitors who enjoy the balance of modern and heritage combined with the magic that Cuenca´s history center provides.  


To be your hotel of preference, by pushing the touristic development in favor of hotel improvement and in that way be recognized for our excellence and team work. Focused exclusively in personalized and professional service.


Our primary objective is to provide each and every guest a quality stay along with a feeling of being at home; innovating and leading to achieve competitiveness and recognition in the hotelier scope for the 2020 year, through our efficient, courteous and personalized service with excellence and social responsibility to then be able to satisfy the necessities and expectations of our clients.


- To improve the quality of our hotel without jeopardizing the environment in which we evolved.
- To work towards renewing and improving service and attention to become the top hotel.

Hotel purpose

- Promote, support and foster entrepreneurship.


1. Responsibility
2. Diligence
3. Quality

4. Exclusivity 
5. Commitment
6. Efficiency